Raul & Teresa Corona, Avenal, CA

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Date: September 22, 2016

Thank you for praying for our Village Missionaries Raul and Teresa Cornoa. Read below to learn more about the building project of their country church, their ministry among the Hispanic people and the work of their daughter church.

Corona-Raul-Teresa-SquareAvenal, on I-5 in the Central Valley of CA, obtained the name of “Pistachio Capitol of the World” recently. Major source of work is agriculture. We’ve been assisting the Hispanic people here for more than 23 years. The congregation has never had its own church building. However, in September of 2013, we celebrated our groundbreaking ceremony for our church building. Just over 1/3 of the construction is complete. This is the biggest challenge for our church people, since most are field-workers and low income. We trust that only because the Lord Almighty is helping us, we will finish one day.

Please pray for that! Our youth/young adults group is growing; we praise and honor God for allowing more young people to come to know Him. There are plans for the group to continue to grow numerically and spiritually, and we expect to see even greater things from God in the near future. Our mission is to work with our youth group to help them grow in Christ, so they may continue to spread the message of salvation to others. Please join us in prayer for our youth and young adults.  Pray that God may lift up new leaders ready and willing to do the good work of the Lord. Pray they continue to mature spiritually and make a true commitment to God and to share the message of salvation.  Please also pray that God brings restoration and new life to the group so that together they may impact Avenal for the glory of God! Please pray for our daughter church in Armona, CA; may God continue to do great things there and bring more and more people to come to know Him. Please pray for the pastors of this congregation, Alejandro and Claudia Cervantes, that God may continue to bless and guide them as they lead the church.

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