Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: December 11, 2013

 birth of christWe are approaching the application deadline for attending the spring Candidate school. We have several who need send applications in. Please pray they will do so and we will be able to appoint many missionaries in the early summer.

 Pray for our many Associate Missionaries (10 at this time) who are currently serving churches waiting for leadership. These dear couples are taking time away from friends and family to help provide spiritual leadership, especially during these important holiday times in a church. Pray for our churches as they conduct various ministry and outreach activities over the next few weeks. Please pray for Canadian Village Missionaries who are suffering with various health issues. We have missionaries who suffer from diabetes, Lupus, depression and other debilitating conditions. These men and women carry on courageously day after day, fulfilling God’s call on their lives, not allowing the obstacles in their pathway to deter them from their mission. Pray for strength and courage to go on, and joy and blessing from the LORD for their faithful service.
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