Our Values

Qualified Leadership

We value the placement of full-time, spiritually qualified missionary leadership by invitation of the local people as the primary means of developing spiritually vital churches.

Supported Leadership

We value supporting the leadership we place through prayer, financial, and innovative forms of logistical assistance.

Leadership Approach

We value an approach to ministry that proclaims and demonstrates the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Preach the Word and Love the People), and is evangelistic, relational, and involved in community life.

Focused Approach

We value a focused approach of reaching people in rural areas of North America-places without an ongoing demonstration of the gospel.

Long-term Approach

We value a long-term approach that enables churches that have reached financial stability to collaborate with us in helping other churches, while receiving leadership and encouragement from us.

Christian Character

We value Christian character, specifically integrity, Christ-like love, humility, and faith, in all that we do as a Mission and as individuals in our Mission. We are committed to the Word of God for all that we are and all that we do.

Spiritually Vital Churches

We value spiritually vital churches that are making substantial progress in the areas of evangelism, instruction, prayer, worship, and fellowship.

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