New Gloucestor Retirement Housing

New Gloucestor Retirement Housing

Village Missions give years of their time and energy to help keep country churches alive. You can help them with after-retirement challenges. Learn how to make a lasting difference for retired Village Missionaries.

Summer Conferences 2017

Staff conferences encourage and strengthen our Village Missionaries and prepare them mentally and spiritually for another year of ministry. You can help make sure each missionary is revitalized.


You know the importance of the rural church, of the impact it has on the entire community. To keep these country churches alive and vital, we need help. We need individuals and churches to commit to these churches, and here’s how you can help…
Navajo Ministry

Navajo Ministry

You might ask, “What makes the Navajo ministry, the Navajo church, different from mine?” The answer starts with the culture on the reservation, a culture bound up with the Navajo language.

Helping Fund

One of the strengths of the Christian community is the way we can band together to help each other in times of need. Missionaries are not exempt from these hardships. Learn how you can help Village Missionaries face unexpected expenses and contribute to their needs.

Alaska Ministry

Village Missions’ Alaska Ministry reaches out to people in remote areas of Alaska, making sure that their communities have the chance to hear the Gospel message. We have special needs for missionary pastors to serve in churches in these communities. Are you that person?
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