October 23: Jonathan & Doralyn Elgby, Ear Falls, ON

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: October 18, 2011
We live in some beautiful country here in northern Ontario. Ear Falls is a tight-knit community of 1200 people. We are surrounded by many lakes, and the fishing tourism makes up a lot of the industry in this area. We have had the privilege to see many wonderful animals in our time here, and have even had wolves and bears come through our yard. We have been so blessed by three girls that we have in our youth group, all from non-Christian homes. I believe they have been a good light to their friends, and recently one of their friends came with them to Sunday School and church. We would really appreciate prayer for these girls as two of them are going to high school in a community 50 minutes north of us. Pray that they would be strengthened to face the temptations in high school. And pray for the one girl that is finishing her last year of junior high, that she will not be too lonely with her two Christian friends gone. Also, thank the Lord for their involvement in our church and the work we believe He is doing in their lives.
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