Ocean Park, WA

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: January 11, 2012
There was a welcoming attribute displayed as we exited the old year and entered the new with a renewal of our commitments to “outreach,” “inreach,” and “upreach.”  Outreach: our commitment to be a vitally evangelical congregation, to reach out with compassionate hearts, to win the lost that GOD brings across our path, and to warm the hearts that have grown cold over the years.  Inreach: our commitment to be personally growing believers, to become the engaged, to work with one another, to be discipled and to disciple others, to be encouragers and to be encouraged by others in the walk.  Upreach: our commitment to find the Anointed One in corporate worship, an ever-directing Shepherd of our souls, and that we use opportunities afforded us to run to GOD in praise & surrender. He came, not to be served, but to serve, and give His life a ransom. Marty & Cindy Cole
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