Noble & Megan Weeks, Pine Valley, CA

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: July 15, 2015

Weeks-Noble-Megan-SquareWe’d been noticing water problems for several weeks, and finally got a diagnosis – a dry well! This might sound terrible, but God is so good to provide. It turns out there was a 4000-gallon storage tank for fire on the property. Although it wasn’t plumbed to the house, with a little ditch digging (with the help of some wonderful kids) and re-plumbing, we were able to have water to the house. Also, this put us in touch with several people we never would have met otherwise. God might give you a dry well in your life, but if you put your trust and obedience in Him, He can provide abundant blessings from it. He is the fount of living water!

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