Nathan & Ann Mudd, Interior, SD

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Date: December 7, 2017

I almost cut my arm off with a circular power saw and got stitched up in the ER that night. For a short time, I thought my life was over. It amazes me how I worked in Bush Alaska for more than a decade of my adult life and never came out with more than just a broken tooth and a few bruises. In these first two years in the Badlands, I’ve torn muscles, popped a rib and got my first stitches ever. I didn’t know life as a cowboy pastor would be so dangerous!
AWANA started this Thursday with a great turnout. I’ve been teaching and leading music at another church’s Release Time program, which has been a wonderful time with the kids and leaders in that church. 
Since I was sort of laid up with a bum arm, I took my kids one at a time and delivered the last of our community garden produce to people around town. It was fun to see their smiles and receptivity.

On Saturday, I helped with the 3rd annual pumpkin event for the kids of our community.  It was a wonderful week, even though I did miss a lot of working cattle due to my injury. God is kind!  

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