Nathan & Amanda Devena, Blodgett, OR

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: August 14, 2019

Blodgett is a community in the Oregon Coast Range, about 45 minutes from Newport and 20 minutes from the home of the Beavers (Oregon State/Corvallis). Our community consists of a 2-room school, a country store, our church, and a few homes. The beauty of the forests surrounds us here, and as such, logging is the predominant industry. There are laws that a person must own 80 acres in order to build out here, so that stifles local growth.

Prayer Requests: Our prayer is that we would be able to reach the community here with the Gospel, as there is a strong, proud, independent spirit that is sometimes a barrier. Please pray for God to establish Amanda and I in the community. We are still new, only being in Blodgett about a year and a half. We would ask prayer for direction in our children’s and youth ministries, as well as in planning for the future. I praise God for the faithfulness of this church body as we continue to minister to each other and the community year after year!

(Blodgett Community Church, PO Box 62, Blodgett, OR 97326)

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