Nate & Claire Walters, Chambersburg, IL

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: February 6, 2019

Chambersburg is a small unincorporated town of about 60 people. The community is made up of farmers and people that have lived in the community for generations. It sits in the beautiful hills of Pike County about 5 miles from the Illinois River and 40 miles from the Mississippi River. The area is known as one of the best deer hunting areas in the country.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for spiritual growth in the church. Pray that we will be able to put our child-protection policy into place. Pray for wisdom in meeting the needs of the church people and the people of the community. Pray for our family as we welcome and adjust to a new baby who arrived at the end of December.

(Chambersburg Community Church,102 S Main, Chambersburg IL 62323)

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