Mike & Bonita Ullrich, Kittredge, CO

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: April 16, 2014

UllrichWhen I walked over to the church Sunday morning at 7 a.m., a car was already in our parking lot. A young man got out and asked if I was the pastor that had been here 10 years ago (we have been here for 14). He introduced himself as one of the children that had “found God” in our Kids’ Club and youth group ministries back then. He and a buddy were driving through, somewhat trying to leave a bad life behind in another state. He had made a beeline for our church. He said that he and his sister had shown up at church without their parents in the middle of our service back then. They had always felt safe and accepted here. He and his buddy may have a lot of hard times ahead of them yet, but we were able to minister to them and give them encouragement. His buddy had grown up with Christian influence but has never accepted Christ as Savior. It was encouraging to us and the church that we had so affected this “kid” back then that he would seek us out again.

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