May 30: Jim & Pam Eaches, Hayfork, CA

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: May 25, 2010
Eaches-J1Located in northern CA in the mountains near Redding, there are about 1500 people in and around Hayfork. This at one time was a logging community with three mills operating in town, but no longer. With few jobs to be had, much of the community has transferred over to pot growers. We are concerned about the broken families of the community and specifically the children of those families. Please pray for us as we minister to the children of the community. Many of them don’t have positive role models to follow and we are attempting to fill that need. Our children’s ministry and youth ministry are growing, yet there is need for more. We are blessed with many Godly people that have the knowledge of the Bible, so please pray that we have passion for these kids’ salvation.
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