May 13 – Doug & Sally Johnson, Buttermilk, KS

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: May 8, 2007
johnson-d.JPGWe are located in the rolling prairie of south-central KS, near the Oklahoma border. This county has approximately 1400 residents—that number includes pets and rattlesnakes. Most people farm and ranch, others are teachers and health professionals. There are three towns in this county…but no stop lights! In the afternoon it would not be uncommon to see military fighter jets practicing in the skies over the prairie and near our church. People here are proud of our military and supportive of the men & women who serve our country. They are fun-loving, hardworking, and most are churchgoing families. Please pray for the people here, that God will provide for the farming and ranching, and that our community will be able to grow economically and numerically. Pray for desire to follow the Lord in all that He leads. Please pray for rain, and also for those who are lonely and feel overwhelmed with the stresses of trying to make ends meet in this rural community. Pray for our church, that God will increase the desire for regular corporate prayer, and that He will bless the efforts of those who are trying to read through the Bible this year.
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