Marshall & Hellen Faulkenberry, Sebeka, MN

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: August 10, 2016

Faulkenberry-Marshall-Helen-SquareWe’re thankful for the privilege to serve the people of Blowers Chapel and the surrounding community. We have 45-60 attending Sunday worship, plus AWANA and youth programs on Wednesday evenings, with about 30 children and 10 teens. As a truly “country church,” Blowers Chapel is in north-central MN between the Ottertail and Wing Rivers, 10+ miles from the three closest towns of Sebeka (pop. 700), Wadena (4,000) and New York Mills (1,199). With about 8.9 people per square mile in the 35.7 square mile area directly surrounding us, it’s challenging to get them all together at once. This is not a rich area: median household income is $30,000, and median family income is $31,042. We have plenty of wide open spaces for agriculture, dairy, hunting, fishing, four wheeling, hiking, boating and more with 11,000+ lakes in MN. The major industry since the 1890’s was logging, until that slowed down over 50 years ago. Historic Jefferson Highway, which goes through Sebeka and Wadena, was a highway stretching through the central U.S. from New Orleans, LA, to Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

Pray for our work in the spiritually white fields surrounding our chapel, as we visit the unchurched in their homes and the surrounding communities. Although many farms are no longer run by families living on the parceled sections, as they were for over 100 years, there are still many people who need Christ in their lives. Pray for the children, teens and adults that will participate in our Summer Camps, ongoing through June, July and August. Pray for the people who are very independent-minded and have difficulty allowing the Lord to minister to them on a daily basis. Pray for us as we will have our two oldest children in college and our youngest entering 11th grade this fall. Pray for the Lord to raise up more who will commit to financially support Village Missions and our ministry here.

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