Landslide in Nile Valley

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Date: October 14, 2009

The Nile Valley, where Village Missionaries Gary and Vicki Turner serve the Nile Valley Community Church, has experienced a major landslide.

A caption of one of the pictures reads:

Peggy Emhoff, left, and Juanita Wickstrom start making dinner for the Nile community and the rescue and emergency workers helping with the landslide on the west side of the landslide on State Route 410 in Naches, WA. The Nile Valley Community Church became a gathering point for those west of the landslide, and volunteers cooked spaghetti, garlic bread and dessert for workers as well the rest of the Nile community. (AP/SARA GETTYS/Yakima Herald-Republic)

You can read about the slide and see pictures here.

Vicki Turner sent this update to Lisa West:

Hi Lisa,

I wanted to personally let you know that we are doing better here and thank you for your prayers!  Our power came back on yesterday about 2:00 and that was a HUGE blessing!!  We could get warm again and it really cheered everyone.  We still cooked up dinner for people but it wasn’t as many as we would’ve had without the power, so now we have leftovers to share.

But we had 150 or so come for the community meeting at 5:00 and had some good reports.  Since the county declared this an emergency situation there are funds coming so DOT workers are working hard on the Nile Loop Rd. to get that built up where there was damage & flooding, and that will become the new “highway” for winter anyway.  That connects our end of hwy. 410 with the hwy. below the slide so we can get to Yakima again.  They said last night it might be drivable by tomorrow or Thursday, so that’s a big praise too.  They’ll have another community mtg. here tonight to update us.

The front page picture of the Yakima Herald shows Rebecca, from our church, by her house that was lifted up 15 ft., taking things out of it since it was condemned by the county, as well as her parents’ house next door (they’re also in our church).  I’ll have them on the prayer list.  We can’t get to them yet to help, but hopefully soon.  They have another home up here that they’re staying in.

Gary’s heart procedures are scheduled for next Tuesday, so Lord willing we can get there.  Thanks so much for your concern & prayers, Lisa!!

Please pray for the Turners and the Nile Valley Community Church as they minister during this time. Pray also for Gary as he undergoes a heart procedure this Tuesday.

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