Ken & Kris Ainsworth, Coram, MT

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: June 3, 2015

Ainsworth-Ken-KrisThis is the time of year the Lord sends a number of lost souls our way – but we rarely get to see them more than once. I’m just praying that we can remain faithful to our calling to love all God places in our path. Recently a young man visited both our morning and evening worship services. He graduated last year, but rather than go straight to college, he wanted to have a few adventures. So he’s been traveling around the country, camping in national parks and forests. He told me that when he woke up on Sunday, he had a strong feeling that he needed to be in church. And during the evening open prayer, he thanked God for bringing him to our church because “the sermon was exactly what I needed to hear.” Interestingly, that morning was one of those days when I wandered pretty far from my notes. I’m convinced that the Holy Spirit was at work. We may never see him again, but what a blessing to witness our God at work in people’s lives! The following Sunday evening, a young man came to our evening service. He was passing through riding his bicycle, and saw our church sign on Highway 2. After evening worship, he asked me if I could get him something to eat. We walked down to the Glacier Center, which gave us a chance to talk. He listened to me as I shared the need to trust Jesus for his salvation, but I’m not sure whether the message took root. I bought him a burrito and prayed him on his way.

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