Keith & Kim Walker, Pahrump, NV

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: July 29, 2016

Walker-Keith-Kim-SquareThe emphasis this month seems to focus on missions.  I’ve noticed three distinct parts of the outreach of PCC. First, we had a missionary family from Ivory Coast visit and share about their work overseas.  They are with Navigators as a result of a couple leading them to the Lord and encouraging them to use their particular abilities to reach out to their people in Africa.  That sending couple was a part of PCC many years ago.  Their initial participation in ministry outside the church was spurred by PCC.  They are currently in Germany working for the Lord.  Several other couples/families have been sent out by PCC as Village Missionaries.  These include Geni Faris.  Her dad, Paul, was the main mover and shaker almost fifty years ago when PCC joined up with VM.  Geni married Guy Shields and they are serving in Oregon.  Another couple, is the Hannemans in New York.  They were in youth group at our church many years ago.  Although retired, Rosemary and Francis Klontz are supported monthly by PCC.  Their daughter, Mary (Shisler) and her husband were a part of PCC long ago as well and were Village Missionaries for a time.  What a blessing to be a part of a church responsible for sending and continuing to support missionaries.

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