June 8: Laurie & Marjorie Goertzen, Rose Prairie, BC

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: June 3, 2008
Upper Pine Gospel Chapel is at Rose Prairie, a rural community 25 minutes north of Fort St. John, in northeastern British Columbia. Many people subsidize their cattle and grain operations with other employment, such as oil patch work, logging, or service industries. Hunting and trapping are common pursuits, and some local men work for outfitters that guide hunters from the USA and Europe. Praise the Lord for the witness of many individuals in our church family in the planned outreaches throughout the year, as well as in the daily round of life and work. We are grateful to the Lord for meaningful contact with people who really want to grow. Please pray that as a body and as individuals, our church would continue to mature in Christ and be a light for Him in our community.
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