June 6: Rob & Debbie Hoffman, Gold River, BC

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: June 1, 2010
Hoffman-Rob-DebbieGold River is one of the most beautiful spots on earth! Really! When we first saw it 25 years ago, we were overwhelmed that God would privilege us to serve Him in such a glorious setting. Nestled in the Coastal Mountains, Gold River lies in a lush rain forest, receiving 100″ to 150″ of rain annually. That makes for lots of tall trees that supply the town’s main industry of logging. Some years ago we lost both the paper and pulp mills, and since then the town has struggled to develop a new financial base. We have hopes of a green energy power plant being built here which would supply a much needed boost to our economy, but the wheels of progress grind exceedingly slowly. Beneath the beauty surrounding our town lie a multitude of heartaches and needs, as most people here attempt to live their lives without knowing the God who created the mountains, rivers, trees, and lakes all around us. Over the years I’ve developed a very good relationship with most of our community and am looked on as the town’s unofficial pastor, being called on to officiate at numerous funerals, weddings, and events. I always make the Gospel crystal clear at these gatherings, and people respond very positively, but then most don’t go beyond that and actually get to know the God I talk about. Pray for a softening and convicting of hearts by the Holy Spirit, bringing many sons to glory. Also, please pray for our little congregation that sometimes struggles because of its size and limited resources.
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