June 10 – Matt & Stephanie Van Gorden, Bruin, PA

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: June 5, 2007
june-05-van-gorden.JPGBruin is located in western Pennsylvania, about 90 minutes directly north of Pittsburgh and 10 miles south of Interstate 80. This small town of about 550 is close to three or four other small towns, but there aren’t many churches. Please pray for our many outreaches into the community — we’re “the big white church in Bruin,” but there are many who just pass us by. Please also pray for our youth pastor and his leadership team. The kids are a tough crowd, and it’s hard to know just how to minister effectively to them. Finally, this is a busy field — please pray that in all the hustle & bustle, we choose “the better thing,” and make time to sit daily at His feet.
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