July 8 – Tim & Bonnie Goold, Hillside, OR

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: July 3, 2007
goolds.jpgWe are located approximately 45 miles west of Portland, OR, and about that far east of the coast. The beauty of several filbert orchards surrounds our picturesque little white county church. We are very thankful for the several projects that have recently been completed around the church. The wheelchair access is in place for downstairs, and we pray the necessary work to arrange an access for upstairs will soon be in progress. We are praying for the Word of Life youth camp that a number of our church will be a part of this summer. This is a great opportunity for several young people to not only be introduced to their Savior, but also understand a little of what it means to dedicate their lives to pleasing Him.  Vacation Bible School follows camp.  Here, the prayer is similar: clear Gospel presentations to community children who come, and spiritual growth.  There is also the hope of new children who attend VBS to continue learning about their God by joining our Word of Life, Olympian youth group.
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