Josh and Xiomara Gard, Beaver, OR

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: October 7, 2016

Gard-Josh-Xiomara-SquareBeing a pastor is an adventure.  At our food pantry I decided to engage a certain outspoken woman about spirituality in the hopes of getting to the gospel.  She was very clear and blunt about her political views concerning the election so I commented that, since we have covered politics, I may as well ask about religion.  I asked if she was spiritual to which she replied that religion is a form of mental illness and that she bases her life on science!  I responded that, since she just told the pastor that he was mentally ill, I got to say something in reply.  I pointed out that science rests on unverifiable assumptions which only work if Christianity is true.  I reminded her that science says the universe will burn out and all life will end.  I told her that I have a hope beyond this universe.  She politely excused herself since her shopping was done. 

Today she was back at our food pantry.  We were too busy to talk, but she was cheerful and unoffended.  I look forward to engaging her again in the future but I have to laugh every time I think of her declaring that religion is a mental illness!  I am also reminded that people are not all as easily offended by Christians talking about Christianity as we sometimes imagine.

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