Joseph & Jaine Garness | Star, CO

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: November 7, 2018

Star Community Church is in Southeast Colorado 17 miles from the nearest town and 25 miles from the nearest town with services.   For many years, Star Community Church has been a lighthouse in this rural area but as the ranches around Southeast Colorado have grown larger, the population has declined and aged. The congregation of Star Community Church is mostly elderly.  Because of our distance, it’s difficult to attract new families from the surrounding towns and many of the families living in the area don’t see a need to come to church.  There are many Hispanics living in the surround area so Jaine and I have been given several opportunities to minister to them. 
PRAYER REQUESTS:  Please pray that God would give us new opportunities to minister to the Hispanic families in the area. Pray that God would bring new and younger members to our fellowship.  Pray that we would be an encouragement and a help to new families in the church. Pray that God would use us to reach out to those around the area who don’t attend church. 

(Star Community Church 28001 County Road D, Granada, CO  81041-9616)

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