Jimmy & Nevey Francisco, Defiance, NM

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: May 14, 2015

Francisco-Jimmy-NeveyIt is wonderful to be doing ministry, because that’s what Nevey and I love to do. We went to see a young couple with two small children who had called us to their home. When we got there, the young woman was in tears as she told us what had happened. She had just finished school to become a nurse; when she was ready to take the state board, she found out that what she did as a young teen had come back to haunt her. She was charged with drinking as a minor, but the charge stated that she was selling liquor to a minor, which was not true. They also stated that because of that, they were out of money and broke and might lose their home. The couple were both saved and used to go to church. The young woman was saying, “It’s all my fault, I left God and now I am paying the price for it.” So, we talked to both of them and told them that now was as perfect a time as any to go back to church and that God has never left them at all. We prayed for all of them that night, and left everything in the Lord’s hands, and left. The next morning I received a call from the young mom, and again she was crying, as I asked her what was wrong, she started laughing. She then said she received a call from the state board and that she was cleared of all charges and was ready to take the test. She kept saying, “Thank you Lord, thank you Lord.” I was so happy for them and thanked and praised the Lord for His goodness to us. I called Nevey at work and told her about it and she, too, thanked and praised God for who He is. This is why we do what we do for the “Kingdom of God.”

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