Jimmy & Nevey Francisco, Defiance, NM

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: July 10, 2019

Navajo Bible Church is located just west of the city limits of Gallup, New Mexico. We are on the old Highway 66, with a piece of the vintage highway in the front yard of the church. We are located within the Navajo Reservation. Our area is desert, very dry conditions. July, however, is monsoon season, where it rains every day, each afternoon.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for our health, as we are getting up there in age. Pray for our children, that they will remain faithful and grow in the Lord. Please pray that we will find housing closer to the church. We have to drive 54 miles round trip from our current location. Please pray for our Vacation Bible School in July, that we will reach some children in our area for Christ. We started a “Needy Closet” at the church to help the people who are often passing through our area, looking for a place to stay and something to eat, and/or needing clothes and blankets. Pray that we will reach some through this ministry, too. Lastly, pray for the repairs on one of the buildings at our location that we would like to use as a classroom. 

(Navajo Bible Church, P.O. Box 453, Vanderwagen, NM 87326)

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