Jim & Brenda Harkabus, Lakehead, CA

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: February 13, 2013
We’re rejoicing in the sudden growth spurt in our various study group ministries. We rejoice, not in the numbers themselves, but in the fact that people are eager to dig into God’s Word, which will transform lives!
The men’s study group has now grown to 9, using Gene Getz’s book, The Measure of a Man. The ladies’ Bible study is at 17, with attendees inviting their friends to come. They are currently using Chip Ingram’s DVD series, Culture Shock. The 47″ TV the church bought last year enables the large group to watch the DVDs easily, which was a very wise purchase.
The Sunday morning adult class has suddenly doubled in size, to 22. It was great having to scramble to find chairs! I am leading it, doing a series on biblical finances and trusting God. By the interest in the subject, it reveals the cares and concerns people currently have in these difficult and uncertain times.
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