Jeremiah & Elizabeth Knoop, Scotia, NE

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Date: February 27, 2017
We spent the week with family celebrating Christmas. 
On our way home, our suburban broke down. It was an obviously frustrating thing to happen at the end of a fun week, however it was neat to see God at work! About 5 miles before it broke down, we were in a parking lot and we prayed for our continued trip home.
 I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to pray not for safety, but that God would be glorified in our trip home. So we broke down about a mile outside of a large town (which, could have been a lot worse!).  Before we went on this trip (about 4 days before leaving), Liz felt that we should get a AAA membership. So with this brand new membership, we had 100 miles of free towing. We broke down exactly 99 miles away from our house! On this 99 mile journey, I was able to share the Gospel with our young tow truck driver. At the end of the night, I was able to pray with him (he didn’t make a decision to receive Christ, but we prayed together nonetheless) and he had tears in his eyes as he said no one has ever prayed for/with him before. I was able to get his contact information and hope to keep in touch with him.
At the end of all this, I realized I had made several goals for 2016, and one of them was to witness to a complete stranger. God gave me an opportunity on December 31, in a situation that could have just been disappointing all the way around. To Him be the glory! Excited to be used by a God who keeps the journey exciting!
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