Isaac & Andrea Love, Azalea, OR

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: April 17, 2019

Yesterday I was enjoying some quiet time in the Bible before the day began and the doorbell rang! I answered the door and discovered a man. I drove him to get some gas for his stranded van, which was against a guardrail on I-5. I learned that he is Polish and that he works with exotic species of wood, especially teak. His view of wood as art is similar to my amazement at God’s creative amazing detail work. A well finished slab of black walnut also declares the glory of God. We discussed God’s righteousness and the need to be born again. By then we had been parked in front of his van for some time and his co-worker was waiting so we fueled him up, prayed for them, and they rejoined the mass of humanity which flows by on the freeway. I am amazed at some of the people God has brought along to this lighthouse on I-5. May He continue to draw their hearts!

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