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Date: June 1, 2010
Goold-Tim-BonnieIt is so fun being in the Lord’s work. We love getting to share Christ with people here in Hillside; we are so blessed. We love it when we get to see others growing in the Lord. I must say that I am amazed at how the Lord brings people at the right time – different people on different days, but always just the right number and just the right people. I got a call one week from a lady asking about baptism and the Lord’s Table. We got a call another week from an unknown lady asking about our church. Bonnie talked to her for quite some time and she said she and her family would be here the next week. Well, they did come, and our church that Sunday was so full they had to sit in the front row. As I stepped up to visit with them, the Lord just miraculously opened up doors for sharing. They are totally unchurched and searching for God. Bonnie was able to start a Bible study with her, and the man is really searching also. I taught the Romans Road in my sermon, and that Sunday evening when they brought one of their sons to Youth Group, the father said he’d never heard that before, and wants to talk with me about it sometime. Yahoo!!!! Tim & Bonnie Goold
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