He Is Risen!

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Date: April 16, 2019

He Is Risen!In this bulletin insert Marshall Faulkenberry challenges us to think carefully as we celebrate Easter. It is made available to you as a PDF document.

The Celebration

In many Bible teaching churches around Easter you hear, “He is Risen!” and the response: “He is risen indeed!” We share this wonderful greeting & acknowledgement of foundational truth during the Easter season & should continue to celebrate it throughout the year.

Notice, as we gather together, who exactly we gather with. We can easily visit only with those we are most familiar with, most comfortable with. We handily continue to sing our standard songs of the season but often fail to dive deeper into truly committing ourselves to “hearing” the words & living them out. Allow me to encourage you—-no, to challenge you. Leave your comfort zone. Reach out to those unfamiliar to you. Help them see the true story of Easter throughout the year. We all must realize not just the fact that Christ rose from the grave & conquered death, but also what happened on that cruel cross.

“[In the Apostle’s teaching,] there was no thought of separating cross & resurrection, or of elevating one over the other. …you can’t have the crucifixion without the resurrection—& vice versa. The resurrection is not just the reappearance of a dead person. It is the mighty act of God to vindicate the One whose very right to exist was thought to have been negated by the powers that nailed him to a cross. At the same time, however, the One who is gloriously risen is the same One who suffered crucifixion.”
Fleming Rutledge, The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus Christ
(Eerdmans, 2015), pg. 64.

The Foundation

If you are reading this VM bulletin insert you already know the importance of continuing to teach foundational truths. These truths, found in God’s Word, must be present in each of our churches every time we gather for worship. Each of these opportunities plays vitally in our strategy of “preaching the Word and loving the people” so that we might win one more for Christ.

Here at Blowers Chapel we know that we cannot waver in our responsibility & privilege. We must practice this whenever we gather together. Our church has found this to be a challenging effort due to the unusual winter weather over the past three months. We had to cancel four Wednesday AWANA/youth nights along with three Sunday morning Bible study & worship services. Thankfully it appears that we are now thawing out & will be able to meet regularly once again so that we might preach on the Cross of Christ as we worship this Easter season.

Please pray for us as Village Missionaries that we might continue to share God’s grace & love with the five communities that surround us. Pray for the individuals, couples & families who regularly worship with us. We ask that you pray for the children, youth & adults who participate in our Wednesday evening AWANA program. Pray for those in this area who do not have a place of worship. Pray that the Lord opens doors for us to reach these unchurched peoples.

He is Risen! He is risen indeed!

Marshall & Hellen Faulkenberry have served with Village Missions for over 8 years. The past 52 months they have served at Blowers (rhymes with flowers) Chapel in north central Minnesota. Being from central Florida originally, they feel right at home in an area many know as a vacation destination. Married nearly 26 years, with three grown children, they find themselves new “empty nesters”.

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