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Date: May 5, 2009
adams-joThe small groups for the Family Action Plan have begun well. About 60% of the households in the church are meeting to focus on Parenting & Marriage, or on the more general study for Singles. We’re excited about how the Lord is helping us as a church change our perspective on ministry in the home. We’re making the changes over the course of this year to move parents back into the Spiritual Champion role in their own homes, training their own children to follow Jesus. We will help, we will teach them to teach their kids, and we will offer plenty of resources so that parents can accomplish their divinely appointed role. We’re also trying to help those who aren’t raising children see how they, too, can have an influence and why they need to join in with the small groups and the changes to the ministry. Sometimes grandparents and seniors forget that they do have a significant influence, many younger people look up to them as a model and for encouragement. We are working to help them use their influence more effectively as well. John & Candy Adams
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