God’s Plan for Ministry

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Date: September 7, 2018

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Searching for God’s Plan for Ministry

Have you ever known deep down that there was something more for you? You just didn’t know what it was or how to get there. Nathan Walters knew God was calling him to a deeper level of commitment. Deeper faith and knowledge. A new path of teaching others the true gospel of Jesus Christ. He just didn’t know God’s plan for ministry.

It wasn’t that Nathan and Claire’s life somehow flung off course in their early years of marriage.

On the surface, everything looked well.

From the age of 18, Nathan worked full-time construction. After marrying Claire, he even added a side business and began building a new home. He worked hard to provide for his growing family, with 70-100-hour work weeks being a normal part of life.

Nathan felt driven to study the Bible like never before
Both Nathan and Claire grew up in the church and were committed to their faith. Yet, as Nathan’s close friends and family began to fall away from the gospel, he felt driven to study the Bible like never before.

“I listened to the Bible on earbuds at work. I came home and read my Bible. I was going through the New Testament about twice a week, asking ‘What is truth?’ I wanted to make my faith my own,” said Nathan.

Wood and Stubble

As a year passed, Nathan began to realize his life was never going to be the same. He looked at all the structures he’d labored on over countless hours.

“Even though I had good motivations, I had a lot of wood and stubble in my life. All that hard work was going to burn when the Lord returned. I was determined to change my life. I told my wife I didn’t know what God had for me, but he definitely had something more,” said Nathan.

Yet as Nathan looked at his life, he couldn’t imagine how God could use him. He had three children and no Bible school degree. Maybe he’d missed the boat. Perhaps his life had developed too much to begin something new.

That’s what most people told him.
“Your house is almost done.”
“You’ve worked for this.”
“You deserve this.”
But Nathan was determined to go – even if he didn’t know where he was going yet.

God’s Plan for Ministry

For two years, Nathan continued to pour himself into studying the Bible and volunteering at his church.

He worked on the outreach team, served as the chairman of the mission board and evangelized at the local college and fairgrounds. During those years, Nathan continued working construction and finishing his own home.

He’d made plans months ago to build a storage shed on the property, but had put it on hold, expecting God to move him at some point. Since that didn’t seem to be happening, he prepared the blueprints for the shed, and went to print them.

That same day, his brother-in-law, Village Missionary Isaac Pederson, called to tell him about a free Bible program that could prepare him for ministry – the Contenders Discipleship Initiative.

The Contenders Discipleship Initiative

Over the next two years, Nathan spent 2000 hours diving into the first five courses of the CDI. Mentored by Isaac, a Village Missionary serving in Missouri, the two would watch the course videos at the same time and then talk on the phone for hours.

While Nathan devoted himself to his work and studies, Claire stepped up to care for everything else. And at the end of two years, Nathan and Claire applied to serve with Village Missions. They began a one-year internship in Ohio, where Nathan completed his final course of CDI and began applying his education to ministry in the local church.

Equipped for Ministry

Five years ago, Nathan felt the call to follow God into full-time ministry, but didn’t know God’s plan for ministry for his life. Through the help of the CDI courses, Nathan and Claire were accepted to Village Missions, and now serve their own church in Chambersburg, Illinois.

When you give to the Contenders Discipleship Initiative, you enter these stories. Through quality, free Bible education, many others, like Nathan and Claire, can serve in full-time ministry. You make that possible.

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