February 17: Jeremy & Mindi Sarver, Volga, IA

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Date: February 13, 2013
We are located in the hills of Iowa, close to the Mississippi River. This area consists of dairy and crop farming.  The population of our community is just over 200; however, there are 3 other churches.  I have the wonderful opportunity of being the only pastor who lives in town. Many from the community and other churches turn to us in times of need.   Please pray for our Good News Club as it reaches out to K-5 and their families, and for our evening youth Bible study, grades 6-12. A few years ago the church was given the old school gym which we use regularly.  Pray that God would use the gym as a tool for the Kingdom and to reach those who may not be willing to enter church doors.  Pray for our men to continue to grow spiritually and lead.  Please pray for spiritual growth in our family, and for our twin 4-year-olds to know Jesus. We are waiting for a referral to adopt from Ethiopia and would appreciate your prayers concerning this matter.
The Only Pastor in Town
Village Missions: The Only Pastor in Town
  Jeremy and Mindy Sarver serve in Volga, Iowa, population 200.  There are four churches, but only one pastor.  Jeremy and Mindy are in the community full-time preaching the Word and loving the people.
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