Feb. 24: Joe & Karla Beard, McCleary, WA

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: February 19, 2013
McCleary is located about 20 minutes west of Olympia, Washington on the way to ocean beaches.  Because of our location many people commute to Olympia for work.  Many of our population is involved in either state or federal government work.  McCleary is also home to Simpson Door Factory where many of our older people made their living.  We were a growing bedroom community of Olympia until the economic crisis which slowed our growth, but we are beginning to grow a little more again.
Please pray for those who attend McCleary Community Church to continue to grow in their faith in Christ. Pray that they would have a passion and desire to reach the people of McCleary and our surrounding area.  Pray for some new families to come into the church and become a part of our local body.  Pray that McCleary Community Church would be light and salt in our community and would be known as a place that stands unwaveringly on the Word of God and believes that prayer is the only means of seeking God for wisdom, healing, guidance, and strength to show God’s grace and love in our uncertain days.
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