Beacon of Hope Banquet at Gem, KS

What if your church had no full-time pastor…and you attended the only church in town? In many rural communities, churches struggle to find a pastor, or cannot afford to pay a pastor’s family a living wage. In those cases, pastors often wind up taking on extra jobs or pastoring multiple churches to make ends meet.

Village Missions offers a better solution: we send missionary pastors and their families to these unremembered places, where they “Preach the Word and love the people” of their congregations…and their communities.

Come and hear from Village Missionary Gary Bennett. He’ll share about his journey to rural ministry, and tell how God is using him and his family to reach the community of Red Cloud, NE.

And all of this is possible because of the generous donations of people like you. Would you join us to learn more at our “Beacon of Hope” banquet?

There is no cost to attend this banquet; we only request an RSVP so we can prepare for your presence. RSVP by calling 503.623.4107 or emailing

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