Village Missions Banquet at Dallas, Oregon

Why do rural communities need Village Missionaries? Come to our annual Village Missions Banquet on Feb. 24 and hear from current Village Missionaries Steve and Debbie May!

Some might think that if a rural church closes, people could just drive to the next closest church, but rural ministry is about so much more than Sunday morning worship services. 

Recently, Steve and Debbie May witnessed firsthand the importance of rural ministry.

Just a few months ago, their small community of Rancho Tehama, California, experienced a tragic shooting. As the only full-time missionary pastors in the area, Steve and Debbie had a unique opportunity to reach out to those affected by the shooting.

Even when a community isn’t facing tragedy, they still need someone. They need a pastor or pastor’s wife who will listen to their troubles, someone to help them face problems, a leader to point them towards God.

Village Missions strongly believes in the necessity of small town pastors. We need your help to keep these Village Missionaries in the rural communities they serve!

One way to be a part of this ministry is to join us at our upcoming banquet on February 24. You can be a sponsor, attend, and invite friends to join you. The event is free, and dinner and entertainment will be provided. 

Call us at 503-623-4107 to reserve your place or to sponsor a table. 

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