Ed & Ruth Peters, Garrington, AB

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: January 7, 2014
petersWhat a blessing to be part of a church that jumps at the chance to help those who are struggling! Two weeks before Christmas, we became aware of two families in need: a younger family with four children and an older couple with serious health concerns. We presented the needs, letting our people know the ages of the four children (in case some would want to purchase age-specific gifts). The response was overwhelming. When we were preparing the hampers for distribution, it became evident that there was easily enough for us to sort out a 3rd hamper (which went to another perpetually needy family in our area). What a thrill it was for Ruth and me to deliver hampers, particularly to the mom of the four children . . . she couldn’t fathom why people who didn’t even know her would show her that much love. We hope to have further contact with them, hoping to help them get connected to the church.   Also, as part of our caroling ministry this year, I had checked out to see if we might be able to sing for awhile in the acute care section of the hospital. In the past there wasn’t much interest from the hospital staff for this, but this year they were quite supportive. About 12 of us gathered in a smaller alcove/waiting room and we started singing…it was absolutely amazing!  Patients and their visitors started to come out of the rooms and gathered around us and were heartily singing along with us. When we were done, two different families asked if we would come and sing for their loved one (one was in a Palliative Care room).  The reality of God’s presence in that ministry was absolutely incredible! We left with our tanks so full!
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