Ecola Bible School, Cannon Beach, OR

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Date: September 29, 2009
Duff-D(Ecola and Village Missions have enjoyed a long history of partnership in ministry.  Children of Village Missionaries attend Ecola at a discounted rate and Village Missions provides David Duff, who is considered a Village Missionary, with the base salary. Over the years an incredible number of young people have been strengthened in their walk with the Lord through Ecola.  To learn more, please go to   This has been a busy time. We had a full-time staff retreat the second week of September, where we began preparing for the school year. There were lots of items on our list that needed to be discussed for the beginning of the School of Ministry. On the 14th I signed the final papers for the purchase of our new Ecola housing. We’ve been kept busy getting the house ready for the guys to occupy. Our assistants arrived on the 20th, and we’ve been busy training them as well. The rest of the School of Ministry students arrived on September 27th, and classes began on the 28th.   David & Drenda Duff
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