Doug & Sally Johnson, Pickstown, SD

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: May 28, 2015

Johnson-Doug-SallyWe had a neat opportunity to get to know some people we wouldn’t normally see on a regular basis. Ron and several others have started a yearly “Birding Festival,” which was held over the first weekend of May in town. They invited notable speakers and made it a very worthwhile event for bird watchers and those wanting to become bird watchers. I was out taking a walk and happened to stop to see Gloria, since she was in her back yard raking a few small branches up. We had coffee for a few minutes, and then she walked out to show me two young great horned owl babies that were nesting in her back yard. As we were looking, her neighbor Ron was outside, and we asked him to show us where they were. These “babies” were cuddled together out on a limb. He explained that this was part of the process of the birds leaving the nest. This stage is called “limbing.” Every day for a while they will clamber out to the end of a limb and stay there all day. One day they will fly off and be gone. That day, they were sitting side by side and seemed quite large for babies to me. But a Great Horned Owl is large. I asked Ron more about the birding festival taking place the next day. I thought that just maybe the Lord put those neat birds right there for such a time as this, so that we could get to know Ron, and hopefully gain an opportunity to share our loving Savior with him.

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