District Representative Ministry

Posted in: Quarterly Focus
Date: August 5, 2019

Big Changes

You have been learning about the upcoming expansion of the District Representative Ministry over the last few months now, and we hope that this makes you excited about the future of Village Missions! Improving the District Representative Ministry will strengthen our missionaries and churches. And the gospel will be more clearly demonstrated in rural North America!

Tighter Focus

In the last Quarterly Focus, we examined the District Representative Expansion on a broader scale – why are we doing this, when will it happen, and how exactly are missionaries and churches will be affected. Now, we invite you to join us as we dive a little deeper.


In August, you will learn more about how our District Representatives come alongside our missionaries to provide wisdom and practical advice for both ministry and life. Just as Paul guided his young assistant, Timothy, so the District Representative – Missionary relationship reflects this model of Biblical discipleship.

Leadership Development

In October, the dynamic of developing leaders within the church will be explored. Our District Representatives do not solely focus their ministry on discipling our missionaries. Rather, they believe that also strengthening and growing the leaders of the local church is equally important. You will hear from leaders within our churches, and how the investment of their District Representative in their own lives made them a better leader in their congregation.

Building Relationships

Lastly, the final topic focuses on the congregation. Equipping our missionaries and their leaders is vital. But we cannot neglect to also invest in the lives of the whole church. Our District Representatives take the time to truly know members of each congregation, listening to their struggles and helping them in their walks with the Lord. By building strong relationships together, the District Representatives are better able to help the church whenever a problem emerges.

As we expand our District Representative ministry, we look northward to the example set by Henry & Marilyn Vandermeer For Kevin and Kelsey, the mentoring they received was a guide for ministry.
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