Del & Colleen Abbey Charlos Heights, MT

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: February 8, 2017

On Christmas Eve we had a foot of fresh snow.  Since we were planning a Christmas Eve service, I had to get the tractor out and plow snow.  The hills of snow around the parking lot are getting pretty deep, and as I was finishing up about a half hour before the service was to start I blew a hydraulic hose on my tractor.  It happened when I had the front bucket at maximum height, and the hose popped in just the right place to give me a thorough anointing in hydraulic oil.  Fortunately, a man who just came to the Lord less than 3 years ago (who has been studying the Contenders program) was preaching that night.  Although, if I had preached that night, I was certainly anointed.

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