Dec 15: Butch & Jennifer Hallenbeck, Glenwood, WA

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: December 11, 2013
Hallenbeck, Butch Jen 2010At the base of Mt. Adams in south-central WA, 30 miles north of Hood River, OR, and the Columbia River, Glenwood itself is just 9 square blocks, yet encompasses about 26 square miles. There’s a K-12 school with about 70 students, a small restaurant, hotel, gas station, and General Store. The main industries are ranching, logging, and the school. The valley has a population of about 500 people; some would say that we have more cows than people. This area is popular in the summer and fall with recreationists who bike, raft the Klickitat River, hunt, fish, and hike the surrounding area. In the winter, Glenwood is popular with the snowmobilers and cross-country skiers. Pioneer Memorial Community Church averages about 40 people each week. Most of the congregation is older, with few children on Sunday morning. We have great attendance for VBS, but struggle to pull those kids in for activities during the school year. Pray for the families whose kids attend VBS, and pray for the youth in town, that we as a church would be able to reach them. Pray that the church would be a light to the community, sharing the gospel through our lives and conversations. Pray for protection for Jennifer and me as we represent Jesus Christ in our community.
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