Dave & Cindy Fraher, W Bethel, ME

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: June 27, 2012
I’ve had opportunity to meet several families on my travels between the parsonage and the church. I’ve begun to ride my bike and am able to stop and visit with anyone I see. It often can take an hour or more to ride less than 2 miles! One week I met a 94-year-old man who told me that he used to read the Bible when he was in the military, in WW2. He said Bible reading got him through the war, but he quit reading when he got home and has never been to church, though his wife attends a church in the community. I opened the conversation to spiritual things, but he wasn’t interested in hearing about the God of the Bible – he has invited me to stop back again, though. Please pray for the seniors in our community who most likely have heard the Gospel but have not put their faith in Jesus Christ.
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