Danny & Amber Mason, Pacific City, OR

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: August 4, 2016

Mason-Danny-Amber-SquareI am very excited about a new avenue of ministry I am pursuing. I am going through the processes of becoming a chaplain with the police department. I have already had many opportunities to serve in our community, both in Pacific City and around Tillamook County. I am able to meet folks and be a light of the gospel of our precious Jesus who I would not have otherwise bumped into in my daily commitments.

Recently, I had lunch with the sheriff to get to know him and what he expects and needs from his chaplains. Spending time with him gave me more confidence in this ministry opportunity. The more time I am able to spend with the officers in our county, the more I can build a trust relationship with them and be an effective help as members of our community are in need. I look forward to serving these courageous men and women of our community in times of great need and catastrophe.

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