Dan & Connie Michaud, New Gloucester, ME

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: January 19, 2017

A recently divorced mother of three teenagers called me for help. It was not the typical request for money, food or home heating assistance. Rather, it was for furniture because they were moving across town to make a new start and they had no furnishings.

As it turned out, we had just finished cleaning out the old church that had been used as a teen “clubhouse”. It still had several sofas, loveseats and chairs from which the mom was able to take what she needed. Her older friend and encourager excitedly shared with me how she came to VBS some forty plus years ago in the very building we were standing in. She still vividly remembered how VM pastor Homer Studenroth faithfully ministered the Word of God to her. Even though she no longer lived in the area, her testimony was not lost on the Mom making a new start. Neither was it lost on me as Connie and I are preparing to retire in a few more days.

It was a final reminder that the “PREACHING THE WORD” and “LOVING THE PEOPLE” ministry of Village Missions is an “enduring ministry,” no matter how many years or VM pastors have served a field. God is faithful to all generations!

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