Cowboy Pastor

A cowboy pastor is a unique ministry role.
Cowboy Pastor Nathan Mudd on horse

There aren’t many pastoral applications that require a knowledge of horseshoeing, cattle branding and fence repair. Yet, those are the ways a cowboy pastor reaches to the people in his community.

Do you have a burden for reaching cowboys and ranchers for Jesus? Do you love the country way of living? Village Missions might be a perfect fit for you!

Cowboys and ranchers are busy people, so most of your ministry will happen right on their own property. You might find yourself in deep theological discussions while you are swinging a hammer, rounding up cattle or repairing a tractor. You will still spend half your time studying the Word and teaching at church and Bible studies, but you will build relationships out in the country. 

Farming and ranch communities often have a deep pride in their way of life. If you understand and enjoy that way of life, you will make quick strides in earning these people’s trust and respect.

This is vital to spiritual shepherding and evangelism. The ministry of a cowboy pastor will only be effective when people see that you understand their way of life and are willing to help them at the drop of a hat.

In a country setting, you may have no neighbors, and you will have to drive often and far to visit people from the church and community. The local grocery store may be 20 miles away, and the nearest hospital two hours. Without a deep love for the place and people, a cowboy pastor may quickly burnout. However, pastors willing to commit to a country community often see God move in miraculous ways.

The ways in which a cowboy pastor gets involved will vary from place to place, but a few examples are listed below. 

Examples of Rural Opportunities 

  • Branding and rounding up cattle
  • Planting seed and harvesting
  • Volunteering or participating at the local rodeo
  • Having breakfast once a week at the local café
  • Hunting or fishing with people from the area

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