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Date: January 11, 2016

Contenders Discipleship Initiative Reports Begin

Contenders Discipleship Initiative Mission Field SignAs we move into 2016, I am praising God for the way He has begun using the Contenders Discipleship Initiative (CDI). The reports I am getting are thrilling to read! As many begin the second class on Doctrine and the New Testament Survey course becoming available soon, I anticipate reading many more reports of lives changed and churches strengthened. The Contenders Discipleship Initiative will be tremendously helpful in accomplishing our purpose of developing spiritually vital churches.

For example, Dave Possing, Village Missionary in Hokah, MN, just sent me this email:

“The reason I am typing this email is to let you know how great our CDI study is doing here. We love it. I finished the Bibliology this past Nov. with nine enrolled and five sitting in. The class did extremely well. We are looking forward to the Doctrine study in Jan. We have 2 to 3 families interested in being VMers, maybe even 4. But time will tell. This CDI has revolutionized the ministry here. I thank you. We are sending $100.00 gift for CDI each month, because I know of the cost it must entail. We meet 2 days a week from 6-8 PM. . . Both Kathy and I are involved with CDI because we see the fruit it brings to the ministry here. I want to thank you for your leadership and encouragement in this CDI program.

Dave and Kathy have been at Hokah for 17 years. They have done well and the Lord has blessed their ministry over the years. Now Contenders Discipleship Initiative has “revolutionized” the ministry in Hokah. This is just one of the many reports we are receiving about the effect CDI is having on our fields.

Not only is the Contenders Discipleship Initiative revolutionizing our churches but it is also revolutionizing the lives of individual believers. We ask that each student complete an evaluation at the end of the course. These evaluations make for exciting reading!

For example, Kathy is a seventy-year old believer in La Pine, OR. One question on the evaluation asks, “What Changes Happened in Your Attitude, Your Confidence, Your Perspective?” She wrote,

The study reaffirmed how little I know after my 45 years as a believer and definitely fueled my desire to learn and grow. Since becoming a believer those many years ago, I have never doubted the authority and inspiration of Scripture, but this study has cemented that truth. I was not familiar with Plenary, Exegesis, or Hermeneutics. I hope to use what I have learned in my studies from now on.

Touchingly, Kathy wrote about challenges she experienced making it to class because her husband has Alzheimer’s. However, the study even affected him! She was asked, “Your Personal Assessment: How Well Did You Do in Meeting the Objectives of the Course?” What an amazing response:

I definitely learned a lot and will keep my study book close to refer back to. The more time I spent studying, the more I wanted to be in the Word. And, of course, being in the Word, impacts my life and walk. My spending so much time in the Word made my husband want to go over the workbook and then he got out his long neglected Bible and has been reading it since. What an answer to many, many prayers!! His walk with Christ is a long story, but he is praying again as well as being in the Bible. Our family and I could not be more thankful!!

I plan on sharing more of these stories in coming issues as well as addressing some concerns I have heard expressed about CDI. But I am looking forward with eager anticipation as to how God will continue to use Contenders Discipleship Initiative both inside and outside of Village Missions.

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