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Date: January 19, 2009

One responsibility I have as Executive Director is talking to donors to Village Missions.  I am especially busy doing this toward the end of the year and at the beginning of the year.  Normally talking on the phone is not my favorite activity.  I would much rather visit in person, but I have enjoyed these year-end and year-beginning phone calls.  I have enjoyed them because I have met person after person (over the phone) who fulfill 2 Corinthians 9:7.  It has been so encouraging to me to meet so many cheerful givers.

For example, I talked to one individual who gave a generous gift to Village Missions and to a Village Missionary.  Years ago, he had heard this missionary present the project at a Christian Women’s Club meeting.  God touched his heart about this couple and about our ministry and he has given to both over the years.  He couldn’t say enough about this couple and about our Mission.  He said to me, “I love what you do in going to little communities.  You are a “five-star” mission!”  Boy, that comment made my day!  What a cheerful giver!

In my calling, I sometimes have the privilege of witnessing “God-incidences.”  I called one first time donor from Dallas, Texas.  I learned that David L. was the son of Village Missionaries Roy and Amanda L.  David spoke highly of his time growing up as a Village Missionary kid.  He expressed to me how thankful he was that he could now give to our mission.  He mentioned that he was a boyhood friend of David Duff, president of Ecola Bible School and son of our founder, Rev. Walter Duff, and asked about him as well as other Village Missionaries.  I was able to give him some contact information so that he could renew ties with missionaries he had known.

The next morning I was going through my Inbox, which always has a mysterious way of filling to overflowing.  I found a wonderful card from a couple thanking me for the ministry Village Missions has had in their life.  I could hardly believe it as I read:

 We loved the card VM sent out to us this year.  So reminds us of Camp Creek Church.  We first attended in 1974 after just building a home here on Camp Creek that year.  We wanted to be a part of community here and what better place to begin at church.  My husband, came to accept Jesus into his heart as his personal savior under Ray and Amanda L’s pastoring-we shared so many wonderful times with them, especially thru a Bible study in our home.

How about that!  Just after talking with the their son, I read a note about the impact of his parents!  What a privilege I have of glimpsing how God has used Village Missions in people’s lives!

Webb returned my call after I called him to thank him for a note he had written with his gift.  I wrote about his note in a previous blog.

You can tell by his note and by talking to him on the phone that Webb truly loves the Lord.  He knew Rev. Duff and was so appreciative of the ministry of Village Missions.  He thanked me for sending Richard and Ellen Hayes to Foothills Community Church, where he attends.  As we talked, I learned that he was a rock hound.  I discovered that he had dug for “star garnets” in Fernwood, ID where Carole and I lived and attended the Fernwood Community Bible Church, which is still served by Village Missions.  He even knew my next-door neighbor, Shorty Sextant, who had a tourist garnet digging enterprise on No-Name Creek.  Shorty was quite a character and we had fun reminiscing about him.  Another reminder of the small world we live in made much brighter by godly men like Webb.

Well, as I write this, the economic news is not improving.  I am sure Village Missions will continue to face financial challenges.  However, I am just as sure, as I talk with these “cheerful givers” that God is gathering a mighty band who will pray for and support this ministry in the coming year.

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