Connecting People in Rural Communities

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Date: October 27, 2018

A Glimpse of Grace in a Country ChurchThis bulletin insert talks about how Village Missionaries Jim & Michele Laxson connect with people in their rural community, and is made available to you as a PDF document.

Connecting People with the Word of God

For years, Michele and I have emphasized reading through the Bible (called Read-Thru). When assigned to Lake California in 2013, we introduced this to our body (and anyone who will listen!).

Our body is made up of many church backgrounds and various levels of spiritual understanding and maturity, but you can’t argue with the Word of God! We love to watch God use His Word in our people’s lives. We formally encourage the body to join in every other year but have found that many have loved the reading, and some use it every year. (We use The Chronological Daily Bible with commentary by F. LeGard Smith) Our Lord works in mighty ways!

We also use a study we have revised and titled, “My Life’s Greatest Adventure.” This focuses on faith-foundations, basic doctrine, spiritual growth and equipping to empower the sharing of one’s faith and the Gospel with friends and family. It has been amazing over the years to find how few longtime Christians have a firm handle on reliability of Scripture, faith-basics, personal growth, and more. But what a joy to see them grow in their love for their Lord and journey with their Savior as they more competently share the truth through love.

Connecting People with the Surrounding Community

Our congregation does not have its own facility, but we did purchase land in April 2017. Currently our church meets in a gated community with all levels of income and about 3,400 residents. We are committed to “Connecting People to God and with Others” and continue to use opportunities to connect with our neighbors and love them to the Lord! Someday, about three years from now, we hope to have our own facility to use as a tool to more effectively reach, connect and love.

Look out! God is doing some great things! God is GOOD – ____ ____ _______! (All the time!)

Jim & Michele Laxson began to serve with Village Missions in 2013, after 34 years in youth and family ministry. They currently serve at Lake California Community Church, their first Village Missions field.

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