Christmas And Small Towns

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Date: December 3, 2018

Finding Great JoyThis bulletin insert talks about how Village Missionaries Fred and Cinda Tribble are finding great joy in ministry, and is made available to you as a PDF document.

Howdy! My name is Makenzie, and I have joined the Village Missions family as the new Staff Writer at our home office in Dallas, Oregon. My husband, Duncan, and I moved up here from central Texas in early October. The transition has been challenging, but I am so excited to continue trekking on!

Prior to Village Missions, I had no knowledge of the need for rural ministry in North America. I had never even heard the term ‘rural ministry’ before.

So, imagine my shock when I heard about Village Missions! After finding and reading through the Village Missions website, all my preconceived notions about ministry and missions work were challenged.

Learning About Christmas and Small Towns

As I am several weeks into my journey of rural ministry, and the Christmas Season rapidly approaches, I’d love to share with you some of the things the Lord has been showing me so far.

First, Jesus’ life began in a rural community. The Creator of the Universe could have chosen to make His introduction into the world in a much more opulent manner. Instead, He chose to be born in the small, unremembered town of Bethlehem. (Luke 2:1-7)

Second, Jesus had compassion for rural areas. In his three years of earthly ministry, Jesus often visited small towns throughout Israel. While cities did receive His company, He also made time to visit the people in the lowly countryside. (John 4:1-45)

Third, Jesus spent much of His time with a small group of people. One misconception is that urban ministry is more important because that is where the most people are.

However, our Savior chose to be in the company of the same twelve people, His disciples, for most of His earthly ministry. Ministry should be about faithfulness to whom God has called us to serve, not how many we serve. (Matthew 10:1-4 | John 17:1-19)

So, as we enter the Christmas Season this year, let us remember how our Lord came into this world—not in affluence or pageantry, but with otherworldly humility in a forgotten town. Just as Jesus loved the people of overlooked areas, I am honored to join a ministry that reflects our God’s love for the unremembered places of our land.

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